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At Atlanta Telehealth, we are dedicated to your wellness. We believe that quality mental health services should be compassionate, convenient and easily accessible for everyone. Our highly qualified mental health professionals are here to help patients heal and support people on their journey to positive mental health.

Let us help you get back to being you!

Welcome To Our Practice

Atlanta Telehealth strives to help patients develop coping techniques to deal with the symptoms of a mental illness or addiction. The treatment can involve a combination of therapys and medication, along with other clinical methods. By helping patients build effective coping techniques, our team of mental health professionals can help you prepare to live a healthier lifestyle and find relief from your challenges.

Our goal is to provide you quality care by defining appropriate treatment plans and working together with you to restore healthy lifestyles. We strive to provide comprehensive behavioral health care by providing you outstanding and compassionate clinical care.

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Meet the Providers

Our providers and therapists are board certified, professional, compassionate, and well versed in the most effective treatments and standards of care. They provide treatment for all individuals in need, including the “hard to treat” patient who has not responded well to therapy and other medication regimens.

Our Services

Behavioral Health is an umbrella term that includes one's mental health, substance use issues, life stressors, crises, stress-related symptoms, and health-related behaviors. At Atlanta Telehealth, our behavioral health providers offer a large spectrum of mental health services for patients all over the country. We are also proud to serve our nations veterans.

Telemedicine Appointments

With telemedicine, you can discuss your mental health symptoms and more with a healthcare provider in real time using video, online portals, and email. When using telemedicine, you can receive a diagnosis, learn your treatment options, and be prescribed a prescription when necessary.

Policies and Prcedures

Atlanta Telehealth is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can rest assured knowing that your records and information will be safe and secure at all times. To read our full policy click on the link below.