“When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘WE’, even illness becomes wellness.”

Walt Disney

Courtney Harring has been creating medical practices for a number of years and is an entreprenuer at heart. Her involvement and career experience in the healthcare field for more than 20 years has influenced her growth from a healthcare provider to a creator of healthcare practices and facilities. This role has allowed her to help other providers see their dreams come to fruition.

Courtney Harring

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Pittsford NY, Courtney now resides in Atlanta, GA. Her experiences as a Division I Athlete at the University of Dayton and graduating with a B.S. in psychology started her on her journey of being a servant leader. She believes that running a successful business as well as being happy as a human means you must give first and then receive.

Courtney’s motto is building businesses, building community, building economy and employment for those who strive to be great. She believes that nothing is ever impossible as long as your light shines from within.